Dawn Boiani is a multifaceted woman, encompassing roles as a Meditation Instructor, Entrepreneur, Corporate Business Owner, Writer, Blogger, Artist, Mala Bead Designer, Web Designer, Aspiring Yogini, Activist, and devoted Mom.

As the visionary behind Chopa Imports and Sakura Designs, LLC, Dawn has demonstrated remarkable success in the business realm. With a keen focus on meditation, she brings her expertise to others as a trained instructor, coupled with her background in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. Visit her professional profile on LinkedIn.

Dawn’s diverse skill set extends to web development, certified through WebLab at Front Range Community College, complemented by her academic achievements including a B.A. in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University. Additionally, she’s a graduate of the Summer Writing Program at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, showcasing her commitment to creative expression and intellectual exploration.

Dawn embarked on her journey towards mindfulness during her tenure at Naropa University, an esteemed institution rooted in Buddhist principles, where she pursued studies in Contemplative Psychology and Buddhist Studies, culminating in a Bachelor’s Degree. Her academic journey was marked by a deep immersion in the subject matter, leading her back to the university as a teaching assistant for advanced courses.

Immersing herself further in Eastern philosophies, Dawn ventured to Nepal and India for her final semester, delving into intensive studies under eminent Tibetan and Yogic masters. This transformative experience encompassed rigorous training in Tibetan Buddhist practices, daily rituals, and solitary retreats, shaping her understanding and commitment to spiritual growth.

Parallel to her spiritual pursuits, Dawn founded Chopa Imports, a thriving enterprise specializing in Buddhist and Meditation Gifts. The success of this venture led to the establishment of Sakura Designs LLC, a subsidiary dedicated to crafting spiritual jewelry and mala prayer bead art. As the proprietor of these flourishing businesses, Dawn actively contributes to the promotion of collective wellness and mindfulness within the community.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Dawn leads a fulfilling personal life in Boulder, Colorado, where she tends to an urban homestead, nurturing organic gardens and raising a family amidst the serenity of nature. Complementing her urban lifestyle, she maintains a retreat house in Crestone, Colorado, fostering an environment conducive to mindfulness practices such as meditation, Tibetan ritual yoga, and breath work, while organizing group retreats.

Dawn’s commitment to social activism is evident through her involvement in the Colorado Democratic Party, where she serves as the secretary of the Saguache County Democratic Party and holds various roles such as a state legislative intern and state delegate. Recently elected to the board of directors for the Democratic Women of Boulder County, she continues to advocate for progressive causes.

Expanding her scope of influence, Dawn is undergoing training to become a Somatic Wellness Coach and state-certified peer recovery coach, integrating holistic, body-based modalities and mindfulness practices. Leveraging her personal journey, she offers individualized mindfulness-based wellness coaching and corporate consultations, in addition to facilitating group wellness retreats in Crestone, Colorado. Through her multifaceted endeavors, Dawn remains dedicated to fostering positive transformation in people’s lives.

Degrees, Training and Coursework: B.A. Naropa University Contemplative Psychology- Classes in Meditation, Jin Shin Jitsu, Gestalt and Hakomi/Somatic Experiencing
Naropa Summer Writing Program 1991, 2023
Teaching Assistant at Naropa University for Cynthia Moku and Dr. Peter Grossenbacher
Authorized  Meditation Instructor Completed Meditation Instructors Training through Shambhala, USA
Shambhala Seminary  Graduate 1992
In training- YT200 with Yoga Renew
Artwork Published in Images Magazine, Monroe Community College 1988
Poetry Published The Bombay Gin, Naropa University, 2023
Experience as a caregiver for seniors, people with developmental disabilities and as a mental health counselor
Completed a Nutrition Coaching Course from Precision Nutrition, Certified with the NBHWC
Certified Wellness Coach from Transformation Academy accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134)
Previously trained and authorized by the State of Colorado to teach meditation in prisons/ facilitate groups
How To Heal Yourself and How to Read- Clairvoyant Training 1Boulder Psychic Horizons
Universal Life Church Minister(Can perform Weddings and Funeral Services and unlicensed counseling in the State of Colorado)
Credit Course in CBT and Insomnia Self Help CBT for Treating Your Insomnia
Studied Tibetan Thangka Painting In Nepal with head of the Karma Ghardri Lineage Gega Lama
Professional profile on LinkedIn
Other: Web Developer Certification WebLab Front Range Community College
Certificate in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing- Boulder Digital Arts