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Amber Light

The Sage
like an ancient tree

relinquishes hope

no longer a mere
dry leaf
by the whirlwind
of flux phenomena

a man
who feels
his own
amber nectar

has already died

Image: Google images: source unknown.

Dedicated to my current sublime teacher Dr. Nida Chenagtsang who is undoubtedly an emanation of the founder of Tibetan medicine, Yuthok Yontan Gonpo the Younger. Dr. Nida is such a kind, simple, austere, accessible, yet powerful teacher, a ngakpa, a yogi married with children and has started many Sorig medical centers worldwide. We share the same birthday, one day apart, and every word from his lips resonates in my heart as true. We share the same ethics and will boldly call out those who use the dharma to harm. He helps many of us to find our own inner light, wisdom, warmth and indeed bliss- that immediately quells suffering. May you have a long life Dr. Nida, one of the brightest lights in a dimming world.


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