I had slept alone
and that’s kind of rare for me

the house was warm
with a new furnace tune up
and for that I was grateful

my two furry kittens
circled around my ankles
anxious for their breakfast

the speckled chickens
were coming out of their coop
to greet the morning sun

the trees were golden and red
and I was ready for the day
to go to meet

with some women activists
the hope of making a better world
so much conflict and destruction

but we can change a lot of it
because all around me
life is telling me that it was good

and I was blessed
and for now
and so fortunate
to just be alive

and I recall
peoples’ deathbed regrets
they often say
“I wish I allowed myself to be happy”

so from today on
I’m going to allow myself
to just be happy

our time here is so brief
our experiences
no one will remember me
in less than 50 years

all that has passed
is now but a dream

even when things fall apart
as they will always do
if you are simple and happy
in your own skin

it will make you
anchored and brave

and you can withstand
all of life’s constant
and colorful storms

and today
the day after my birthday
I woke up and realized
for the first time

that the world
as it is~
was good.

Dawn Boiani-Sandberg 10-19-22

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