Adaptation of Bukowski’s The Crunch-

too little
too much

not too thin
not too fat
or maybe just a bit too fat.

tears and

friends with hearts open like
the fronts of
forward sunflowers
friends in solidarity through
the streets of revolution
toward the sunrise
loving maturely, finally
soberly sane.

a woman alone with her candles and tea
with a dream she can taste so real
so close but so very far away.

there is a longing in this world so vast
that you can see it in the stillness of
a desert cactus prick

people so long to
always by love or no love.

people just are good to each other and best
one on one.

the rich are good to the rich
the poor are good to the poor.

we are fearless.

our enlightened ancestors of fierce divinity show us
what we can all be
and the vision of one person longing in one place united
heard and seen
watering her heart.

people are good to each other.
people are good to each other.
people are good to each other.

I suppose they always will be. I always ask them to be.

and sometimes I confront, for that brusqueness
I’m so sorry, but what else can I do?

the countless beads I string
the cloudless sky in my valley
and the mother will so love the child
like holding them in a most tender swaddle.

just enough
just right in the Great Perfection
more love than hate.

people are good to each other.
so much warmth
if we just open and allow.

meanwhile I am growing up now
flower buds of real love.

there is a way.

surely there must be some way
not yet considered

the lights of love are the most powerful force

if I cry

if I demand

there will indeed be no chance.

it may always say

“no, or yes.”


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